CDA 120 Hour Training

CDA 120 Hour Training
CDA 120 Hour Training Package plus it includes one practice test after you return the materials for grading. You will receive a transcript for the 120 required hours need to obtain your credential.

One may ask what is the difference in CDA we offer or the Associate we offer? The difference is CDA is the renewal certificate program which required CDA Council Test and Visit. Associate in Child Development is a college degree with 60 college credits. Both work for the Rising Star system however CDA is a certificate and the Associate is a college degree.

What will I learn with the CDA 120 Hours?

Planning a safe and healthy learning environment Classroom environment for health and safety Emergency planning Sanitization methods Setting Up a Preschool Classroom Playground Safety Building Grounds and Premises for Child Safety Advancing children’s physical and intellectual development Talking to the children in positive effective ways Plan activities to help children develop daily living skills Select play activities and equipment use for teaching concepts Complete games for memory activity cards both Science and Math Distinguish between hereditary and environmental influences Illustrate children's sensory development Supporting children’s social and emotional development Teaching guidance of young children Stop the Bullying Teaching a self-confident child Planning activities for teaching children positive self-concept Teaching children to develop good attitudes toward the world of work Assist children in developing responsibilities Building productive relationships with families Parent Involvement Empowering Parents Culture diversity found within the classroom Planning a party Managing an effective program operation Administering Preschool Stress Management Making Tough Choices Understanding Budgeting Maintaining a commitment to professionalism Developing a portfolio Creating your professional development plan Observing and recording children’s behavior Understanding the value of play Evaluate a play situation Children’s record keeping Planning a parent conference Evaluate children's books Classroom behaviors Inappropriate body habits Understanding the principles of children development and learning Principles of growth and development Enrichment planning Special Needs training Physical and motor development Practice for CDA Exam You will be having 1 practice tests for the CDA exam. This will help you understand what to expect on the day of your exam. You will be issued a transcript for 120 hours of training.

CDA 120 Hour Training
CDA 120 Hour Training and it includes one practice test after you return your package for grading. With this fee we email your book and tests after you pay for the class. Just click on shopping cart to purchase.
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CDA 120 Hour Training with Zoom Instructor
Classes will be held on Saturday with Zoom instructor. There will be 10 classes with instructor and homework assignments given. The instructor will go over all materials and assignments and show you examples of required course work. If you need help completing your assignments there will be help available during the week via emails.
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